About Navabrindavanam


The navabrindavan complex has the brindavanam of the nine saints, a Ranganatha Swamy shrine, a Hanuman shrine and another hanuman installed by Sri Vyasaraja, right opposite to his brindavan.

The saints whose brindavanas are available in the temple complex are:
1. Sri Padmanabha Theerthar – the first and a direct disciple of Sri Madhvacharya.

2. Sri Jayatheerthar/Sri Raghuvaryar – There is a lot of debate whether the second brindavana in Navabrindavan belongs to Sri Jayatheerthar also known as Teekachariar or Sri Raghuvaryar.

3. Sri Kaveendra Theerthar- Moolaguru to two important Madhva Maths.

4. Sri Vaageesa Theerthar.

5. Sri Vyasarajar- Sri Vyasaraja as we saw earlier was the previous incarnation of Sri Raghavendra. He was the Raja Guru of the Vijayanagar Empire and has installed over 700 Hanuman idols all over the country.

6.Sri Srinivasa Theerthar – Next in lineage to Sri Vyasarajar.

7. Sri Ramatheerthar – Sri Rama Theerthar succeeded Sri Srinivasa Theerthar.

8. Sri Sudheendra Theerthar – Sri Sudeendrar succeeded Sri Rama Theerthar. He was Sri Raghavendra’s guru and the noble saint who initiated him into sanyas.

9. Sri Govinda Odayaru

Sri Vyasaraja Brindavana

Out of these, the Vyasaraja Brindavana is unique and has four pillars in front of it. Figures of Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman, Krishna, Sri Vyasaraja etc. are inscibed on the four sides of the Brindavana.

Opposite to the Vyasaraja Brindavana, is the Avatharatraya Hanuman temple. This idol of Hanuman installed here by Sri Vyasaraja is indeed unique.

It depicts the three avatars – Hanuma, Bheema, Madhva in one form. The face is like Hanuman, the arms and shoulders well – rounded and muscular with the Gadhayudha symbolises Bheema, the avatar of Hanuman in the next yuga and the manuscripts in his hand symbolises Madhvacharya.

There are two other shrines here, one of Sri Ranganatha swamy with Lakshmi Devi holding his feet and the other another Hanuman temple. These two are atop a boulder, next to the cave in which Prahalada had spent several years meditating. They seem to be older in times when compared to the Avathaarathraya Hanuman


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