Routes & Maps

Routes & Maps

Roots from chennai, Tamilnadu. India are

Get the train chennai to mumbai,
Getdown at Matralayam, Visit ragavendra temple.
Get a bus to raichur.
From raichur go to gangavathi.
From gangavathi, go to anegundi. It is small town, You can get local bus from gangavathi.
Go to Hampi thru bus.
From Hampi you have to go to place in hampi called thalahari kottha.
Go to anegundi by crossing the river thungabdra.
After crossing, you have to walk for 1 km. to reach ragavendra matt.
Mobile No: +91 9449284490/09449653598

Thanks to H.Manjunatha( for this added information:

We actually stayed in Manthralayam and worshipped Raghavendrar. After a day’s stay here, we arranged a van and reached Anegunthi through Sindhanur, Gangawati and it took three hours, for 170 km route. At Anegunthi, we have to purchase the tickets for archanai at Nava Brindavanam (Thulasi archanai, honey abishekam etc.) We crossed the river Thungabadra through a motor boat on payment.(parisal was in the past). We have to light 11 ghee lamps there, one to the Hanuman and the remaining in the Ranganathar temple. We performed sankalpa through the priest and went round nine times and meditated. It was a nice experience.

M R V  Travels (Mr Manjunatha ), near M T R  Hotel, Manthralayam 518 345 arranged our travel to NB and back. Very courteous and good guidance was given. Cell Nos: 09449284490 or 9449653598 We started at 5 a.m. and reached there at 8.45 a.m., present at nava brundavanam between 9 and 11 a.m. took lunch at Raghavendra Swami mutt (we have to inform them in advance). Home Food (run by vaishnavas) and other hotels are available to get South Indian food. We returned Manthralayam by 4 p.m.

There is a temple of Goddess Lakshmi at Kallur on the route (slight detour inside @ 10 km). For want of time we could not go there but prayed Her mentally seeking blessings.

Nava Brundavan tour was really divine, especially when we remind ourselves that this is the place where Rama and Anjaneya once glorified.

Thanks to Manjunatha ( for this added information:

Couple of points to add. Route no 3(Shortest route) proceed from Hospet to Hampi. AFter 6 Kms you get a left turn to Hampi. Dont take that left proceed straight and you get Kamalapur, Proceed again straight tou get THALARGAHTTA gate. From there there are couple of right and left but keep watching to your left where you will find a board indicating Nava Brindavanam. This road leads you to the Boat(Parisal) point. Here the boat is operated by a lady by name Manjunatha . Call her on 9449653598  before going there.


You contact Manjunathi at anegundi. They will guide you. I shall give you more routes soon.


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